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Relax & Wellness Holiday



    On vacation with babies

    7 nights - 2 adults + 1 child till 23 moths

    From1.279,00 Discover
    Single-Parent with child

    7 nights – 1 adult + 1 child from 2 to 14 years 

    From806,00 Discover
    Mountain Bike emotions with the whole family

    7 nights - 2 adults + 2 child from 2 to 14 years

    From1.677,00 Discover
    Family Romantic

    7 nights – 2 adults + 1 child from 2 to 14 years

    From1.510,00 Discover
    Happy Family Alpholiday

    The percet holiday for the whole family!

    From72,00 per day per person Discover

    Discover our package of pure fun and wellness!

    From€426,00 per Person Discover
    "Carpe Diem" 1 night

    One wellness day to take a break from work!

    From109,00 per person Discover
    "Glamour" 2 nights

    Two days for your relax!

    From247,00 per person Discover
    "Oriente" 3 nights

    Let yourself go and discover the new Ayurveda massage with essential oils!

    From306,00 per person Discover

    Close your eyes and let yourself get carried away by nature!

    From333,00 per person Discover
     “Dynamic” 4 nights

    Discover the mountains with theirs rhytms!

    From373,00 per person Discover
    “Relax Maxi” 5 nights

    Rediscover peace, serenity and harmony, in the silence of the mountain.

    From459,00 per person Discover

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Summer activities in Val di Sole: the choice is yours!

Summer activities in Val di Sole: the choice is yours!

Summer activities in Val di Sole: the choice is yours!

Meetings, team building,
educational, show rooms

Meetings, team building, </br> educational, show rooms

Meetings, team building,
educational, show rooms

For children from 3 to 12 years old

For children from 3 to 12 years old

For children from 3 to 12 years old

Hotel with indoor and outdoor
swimming pools

Hotel with indoor and outdoor </br> swimming pools

Hotel with indoor and outdoor
swimming pools

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Hotel AlpHoliday Dolomiti
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