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Relaxing massages and treatments at the AlpHoliday

World of Saunas

Relaxing massages and treatments at the AlpHoliday

Hotel with saunas in Val di Sole

Turkish bath within the Wellness Centre

Hotel with indoor and outdoor
swimming pools

Wellness area

Hotel with a wellness centre in Val di Sole

During your wellness holiday in Trentino, let yourself be carried away by the symphony of pleasures and the perfect harmony of fragrances, cosiness and wellbeing…

The AlpHoliday Dolomiti hotel in Val di Sole will carry you to the magic world of simple things where time, relaxing and taking care of oneself become paramount. The hotel in Dimaro with a wellness centre where the peace of the senses dominates and replaces the frenzy and tediousness of everyday life, where time stops to let room to the real pleasures of life.

Let yourself be carried away, dedicate some time, space and attention to yourself.  This  is  exactly  what we would like you  to do in our AquaSalus Spa & Beauty, 1000 m² dedicated to your personal wellbeing. Water: a source of life, inspiration, purification and a precious elixir that is the soul of our wellness centre, making your stay in the mountains truly complete.

The AlpHoliday Dolomiti Spa: "AQUA SALUS SPA & BEAUTY" offers you:

Swimming pools
A long rest amidst the fragrance of oak wood in the “Relax in Nature” room ... and then off to immerse yourself in the indoor swimming pool and then tone-up while lying on the water massage beds, stop in the hydrobox, pass through the turbulent river and finish off by letting yourself be lulled while you lay suspended in water ... or swim towards the passageway that brings you out into the open, in the outdoor pool where you can enjoy the sunshine while being massaged by the water. Our outdoor solarium, on our green field in the summer and on the snow in the winter, will replenish you with positive energy.
We also wanted to keep in mind the wellbeing of children and that’s why we thought of creating a swimming pool just for them, that has a water playground and interactive games, because children consider wellness to be fun and complete contact with the precious treasures of nature. Forgetting the stress of daily life will be easy, since you’ll be too busy enjoying yourself. 
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Covered, 95 m² pool for adults warmed up at 31°C with hydrobox, low back, calf muscles and cervical hydromassage, waterbubbles, whirling river, hydromassage beds and aeromassage;
Covered, kids’, 34 m² pool with a small acquatic playground warmed up at 32°C;
39 m² outside pool warmed up at 33°C.

World of Saunas
The steam will begin to surround you and a feeling of complete relaxation will invade your spirit while your body purifies itself and your mind becomes serenely clear. Thanks to the humidity in the air, your body will eliminate the toxins that have accumulated in your body due to stress, pollution, the weather and excessive behaviour. Our wide range of saunas will welcome you after a long day out in the open, whether it be out in the snow during the winter or in the invigorating woodland during the other seasons. Wrap yourself in the warmth of a sauna or a scented steam bath that will purify, regenerate and protect your health.

Aromarium – aromatic steam bath
Temperature: 40°-45°C, moisture: 98%, sessions: 2-3 times, 10 -15 min. each, followed by a 20 min.
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Our aromarium is not particularly large but beautifully embellished by hand-painted majolicas. Perfect for couples or a small group of friends. It will be a pleasure to wrap yourself in the delicate scent of flowers.
Benefits: deeply cleanses your skin by opening your pores and eliminating any impurities. Purifies breathing airways, loosens muscle tension and relieves stress. 

Turkish bath with balsamic oils
Temperature: 40°-45°C, moisture: 98%, sessions: 2-3 times, 10 -15 min. each, followed by a 20 min.

Temperature 45°- 60° C, humidity 40-55%, duration: 2-3 sessions of 15-20 min. each followed by cold shower and hydromassage or relax time of 10 min.

Finnish Sauna
Temperature: 85-90°C, moisture: 15%, sessions: 2-3 times, 5 -10 min. each, followed by a refreshing/cold shower and a 20 min. rest. 

Sensory showers
These are stimulating showers that create a revitalizing effect, through the use of colours and fragrances. 

Area relax saunas
Room with water beds exclusively dedicated to those who attend the World of Saunas. 

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Meetings, team building,
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Meetings, team building, </br> educational, show rooms

Meetings, team building,
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For children from 3 to 12 years old

For children from 3 to 12 years old

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Charming suites and rooms

Charming suites and rooms

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